With facts based on existing versions, many leading banks are in the process of developing their own crypto currency, which will help make financial transactions. We all think this is a process that will undergo various improvements, using innovative technologies, for example, such as blockades, which are actively introduced into our everyday lives. Any transaction – conversion, interbank transaction, legal entity or individual can be done and can be trusted in disposal. Imagine what prospects are open before us.

From some of the problems that existed above, for the right solution we suggest to switch this technology. BankEx – fintech, which is in tune with time, playing in advance. I believe that this quality is only attached to people who are far-sighted and cautious, because investing in what is full of markets today is stale. BankEx is investing in what will benefit tomorrow. BankEx is a company engaged in active and highly promising technology development to digitize assets using smart contracts and based on block technologies. The main direction is the launch of the site, with the possibility of traditional asset tokenisasi, with the prospect of selling or buying the asset in the future. Crypto currency is the future that will change the transaction, then BankEx provide everything we need and lead forward and able to solve many problems in the banking sector.

BankEx is based on the Proof-of-Asset Protocol system that takes on the challenge of making security significantly more affordable, faster and less risky for token shoppers by leveraging the smart contracting power on chain blocks and ongoing asset audits. As mentioned before, I point to a simple explanation of the concept of bankex that overrides the client assets and turns this token into money. What the bankex does for this process is to perform a security check for each token asset. It helps check all forms of cheating and fraud. It does not end here. This level of security takes a new level by examining past records known as background checks for criminal records associated with the asset. In addition, rates such as taxes, shipping terms are added to items to be sold in ethereum contracts.

For each item, tokens are given to each block with tags and also in the form of categories corresponding to product details which are then added to the Bankex market. Every product here can be tracked and tracked by bankex they can also browse by customers through the keywords and tags that accompany this product by Bankex. Items that can be purchased buy one buyer, or multiple buyers in the market Bankex in a single buyer can buy all parts or some system buyers can only buy some of the assets. In addition, with the Balances Balance application, you can keep track of your Bankex finances and balance. The technology of the ethereum blockade provides more security and control. Every aspect of the sales process is inspected for the problem, continuously, until the sale ends.

The ICO BankEx is scheduled for autumn 2017. During this time, 100-150 million BankEx tokens will be sold for $ 20 to $ 50 million, primarily for institutional buyers.
As many as 70 buyers take part in pre-ICO, trade geography covers 12 countries: Canada, Japan, Australia, France, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Croatia, Romania, Russia, Latvia. According to the presale results, 6 million tokens PBKX sold, which at the level of 1.08.2017 about 1.5 million US dollars. 90% token is placed through private placement with entry threshold for buyer 10 bitcoin.

BankeX has a development strategy that recognizes changes in the structure of financial markets. Our target audience is the bank. BankeX is confident that they will move on to our technology, as traditional financial technologies are inefficient and inferior to new blockchain technologies while solving asset classes.

Next we introduce the names of Team BankEk, who have worked hard to publish BankEk.

The Bankex advisors include:

  • Chris Skinner, based in London, UK and one of the top 40 global influencers of Fintech.
  • Nehemia Kramer, based in New York, US, a block chain investment advisor.
  • Sergey Sergienko, the founder at Chronobank and an active member of the world wide crypto community.

Bankex core team members include

  • Igor Khmel, the founder of the fintech lab at Sberbank.
  • Denis Khoruzhiy, a technical director and an expert in machine learning and natural language processing
  • Nauris Dauksta, the founder, and CEO at Token.Coach.
  • Matt Armstrong, Proof of Asset ambassador, the co-founder of multiple blockchain startups in London.
  • Dmitry Finkelstein, an investment analyst, and director of BASIS CAPITAL.

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